Additional Program Services

At A Design for Living, our focus is not only on helping our residents maintain and strengthen their recovery, but also on becoming active members of a community. The mission is to have the client work their way through the steps, get into the ninth step amends and begin to sponsor other women during their stay at A Design for Living.  They are doing this while they are working a job and trying to rebuild trust in the relationship dynamics within their families.  It's a challenging time but also a time of great growth, self-discovery and the awesome experience of realizing the miracles that come with this new sober life. Our clients leave the program with a strong foundation in the outside recovery community and a solid understanding of the skills that are necessary to live a productive life in recovery.

One aspect of the A Design for Living that differentiates us from many sober living homes is our professional life-skill support services.  We provide ongoing client support plus a variety of small groups, life skills and guidance to help our residentsgain tools and understanding about themselves and their recovery.  This enables them to gain the insights and growth that will help carry into long term sobriety.

Our Alumni community will continue to participate with the program to help clients find a solid base of sobriety.  A Design for Living hosts 12-step meetings weekly for the recovery community. 


During the transitional phase of care it is vital to establish a strong foundation of consistency. The principles by which this is possible are delivered to us in a nice 12-step package. Although, one key piece is missing in the 12-step package. Accountability.  That is what you will find here at A Design for Living.  People in early recovery need assistance to maintain:

  • willingness
  • consistent action
  • asking for and accepting help.

In our experience, if we are striving for long-term recovery, these things are indispensable.

On-Site Support and Accountability

There is a Housing Manager who lives on-site and is available to residents 24-hours a day.  They provide 12-Step support, in-house 12-step meetings, a weekly house support group, drug test monitoring and curfew regulation. The programdirector personally provides assistance and support in several areas of life skill development.

“You have to hold people accountable. You’re not always going to be the most popular. If you want to win, sometimes you have to have a difficult conversation with people. You know they are not going to like you. But you do it because you want what is best for them.” Carla Overbeck, Former U.S. Women's Soccer National Team Captain

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