Program Overview

A Design For Living Recovery Residence is a woman’s sober living program based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe, structured, clean and sober environment for our clients to focus on their recovery. The sober living and transitional structure of our program is designed to give the client the best opportunity at successfully phasing back into the working world, family dynamics and social elements of life, while maintaining a high level of accountability to their 12-step recovery program. 

Our Woman's Sober Living Residences Include: 
  • 12-Step Support
  • High level of accountability
  • Structured, highly supportive environment.
  • Comfortable living accommodations.
  • Respect and compassion.
Basic Rules and Community Guidelines 
  • Abstinence from all drugs and alcohol.
  • Regular attendance of 12-Step meetings
  • A commitment to being accountable and honest
  • Get a sponsor.  Work the Steps
  • Obtain employment, enroll in school, or volunteer
  • The ability to live in a shared living community.
  • Attend in-house community group weekly

Below are curfew guidelines and are only changed at the mandatory house meeting upon management’s approval.  Curfew extension for “special circumstances” will be approved at management’s desecration.

  • Steps 1-4 and up to 60+ days: Sunday through Thursday 10:00pm, Friday and Saturday 11:00pm

  • Steps 5-8 and up to 90+ days: Sunday through Thursday 11:00pm, Friday and Saturday 12:00am

  • Steps 9-12 and 90+ days: Sunday through Thursday 12:00am, Friday and Saturday 1:00 am

Any infraction of above guidelines will be met with reduction in curfew and/or other disciplinary actions at management’s discretion

Additional Information
  • A 6-month commitment is encouraged to ensure the stability of the house and enforce a sincere desire to live a sober life. There is a 2 week notice requirement prior to departure date.
  • You must notify the staff, upon interview, of all prescribed medications.
  • Violence, expressed or implied, yelling, verbal threats or physical acting out will not be tolerated.
  • Gambling in any form is not permitted while residing at A Design for Living; on or off property.
  • Visitors to tenants must be approved by staff and absolutely no visitors are ever permitted in the bedrooms or overnight.
  • Each person is responsible for the cleanliness of their room and the overall cleanliness of the house.
  • A Design for Living is a Smoke-free residence
  • No performance enhancing supplements of any kind (prescribed or over the counter) are permitted at A Design for Living.
  • Sexual relations with anyone on A Design for Living property will not be tolerated. No pornography, of any sort, is allowed.

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